Trade policies highlighted during U.S. Trade Ambassador visit to Vernon County

Tai also talked about the new USMCA trade agreement

STODDARD, Wis. (WKBT) – U.S. Trade Ambassador Katherine Tai and Congressman Ron Kind toured the Servais farm outside of Stoddard to take part in a trade policy roundtable.

Kind says visits like today’s are important because they help guide U.S. trade policies.

“The last few years as we know around here, has been brutal. We’ve had record family farm bankruptcies in Wisconsin. There are operations not coming back. And to a large part of it, it was because of a trad war that the previous administration started,” said U.S. 3rd District of Wisconsin Representative Ron Kind.

Derek Van Orden, who’s running against Kind, says his opponent has not done enough to fix supply chain issues that are hurting American businesses and families.

“We waited four weeks four a single part for the most popular truck manufactured in the United States for over a decade. That’s because the supply chain has been crushed. So those are the things we need to look at,” said candidate for Wisconsin’s 3rd district Derek Van Orden.

Trade Ambassador Tai also talked about the new USMCA trade agreement.

The agreement replaced NAFTA and was reached under the Trump administration.