Travis Sauter grabs fourth Oktoberfest championship

The 45th Annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend has finished as Travis Sauter won the 2014 ARCA Midwest Tour Oktoberfest 200, his fourth Oktoberfest championship.

The 2014 ARCA Midwest Tour Oktoberfest 200 was the feature event of the weekend, which allowed one competition caution on lap 110 that lasted six minutes.

Sauter took the lead from his father Tim Sauter on lap 120. 

Once Travis had the lead, he wasn’t going to relinquish it.

A caution came out with 34 laps to go as Sauter was in the lead.  Right before the yellow flag flew, Drew Fredrickson made his way into second and was right behind Sauter. 

Fredrickson was slightly trailing Sauter until lap 188 as Fredrickson bumped Sauter’s bumper to challenge for the lead.

But Travis Sauter never let Fredrickson pass.

Fredrickson took second and Griffin McGrath took third.

Twenty-year-old Ty Majeski won the 2014 ARCA Midwest Tour championship after finishing ninth in the feature.