Trempealeau County considers becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary

There’s a push to make Trempealeau County a Second Amendment sanctuary.

Proponents and opponents of the largely symbolic proposal spoke before a county committee Thursday.

Such a measure would mean the county board of supervisors opposes any proposals the State legislature might consider that would infringe on the right to keep and bear arms. This would include firearms, magazines, ammunition, and body armor.

People from the county shared their thoughts, “Right now there is nothing in Congress, yet, about the major of gun control. but it’s only a matter of time. We have to get ahead of it”

“I have to have a clean record to protect my life against a criminal who has a record, who has a gun.”

Not everyone agrees. Some believe it would bring problems to the county, “There may be unintended negative economic consequences to Trempealeau County if we identify as a Second Amendment sanctuary.

“By the constitution, you have the right to bear arms now if that changed, by all means, let’s talk about it let’s pass resolutions, let’s go for it. ”

Members of the Law Enforcement and Emergency Management Committee decided to wait on a vote until the county attorney can peruse the proposal. The vote is expected to happen next month.

Several cities and counties in the state, including Monroe County, have passed similar resolutions.