Trempealeau Couples Wedding Mishap


When it comes to Tony and Kim Nimmo’s love, the sky is truly the limit. But it’s actually on a hog where this
Trempealeau couple’s romance first revved up. “We are both bike enthusiasts. We met through a mutual friend.”
“Every so often I’d come up and talk to her.” “He kept pursuing me and the rest is history.” “A walk in the
park…and now forever.”

Well it’s not quite that simple. You see getting married back in March, proved to be the furthest thing from a
walk in the park for these two. And it all started with their decision to have a destination wedding. “Tony said
all I want to do is get married with my feet in the sand.” “This is going to be our once in a lifetime thing and we
want it to be the best.” “Basically, what we did is look at a map and went where is the warmest place in March, oh,
it’s here in St. Lucia.”

Now before we go any further with this story, you need to know that St. Lucia has a law that requires couples to be
in the country for three business days prior to getting married. Tony and Kim were leaving on a Saturday from the La
Crosse airport with their ceremony planned for Thursday. Plenty of time to arrive and get settled, or so they
thought. But it didn’t take long for this trip to hit some turbulence.

“Right from the get go. We get to the La Crosse airport and they say to me, your flight is going to be 3 hours
delayed.” “If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen to us.”

They finally take off headed for Chicago, but a domino effect of problems follows them there.
“We get to Chicago and all the subsequent flights have left.” “I spent an hour on the phone with someone and
said we’re getting married!” “They said all the remaining flight’s were booked.” “I said, ‘you’ve got to be
kidding!'” “There’s a 2:30 flight to San Juan. San juan would then go to St. Lucia. So we get to the 2:30 flight
and the woman says ‘you’re not on the flight.'” “Kim’s about ready to lose it.” “At this point, I break into
tears.” “I said, you’re not understanding us, we’ve waited a year to go here and we gotta get married.”

“They said they had 2 seats left and they said ‘I’ll put you on that.'” So late Saturday afternoon, with their
itinerary in shambles and what will only be minutes to catch their final flight, they are bound for San Juan, Puerto
Rico, on a wing and a prayer!

What happens next in this story is unlike anything you’ve heard before. Here’s a tease for you: There’s more bad
luck, not one, but two weddings, and a pilot that saves the day! You can catch the conclusion of this special two-part
in search of…next Thursday night at 6PM or Friday on NewsChannel 8 This Morning.