Tundra Swan migration draws nature lovers to scenic overlook

Swans spend about a month in the Brownsville area

Nature lovers are flocking to Brownsville to see a special migration through our area.

Tundra swans are making their annual trip through the Coulee Region.

The swans usually make their way here in mid October and stay through the end of November, as long as the food and water holds out.

The swans bring crowds every year, so on the weekends the Upper Mississippi National Wildlife refuge provides naturalists to give onlookers information about the birds.

“I think we’re blessed with a natural resource that a lot of people appreciate and never get tired of seeing,” said Joni Welda of the Upper Mississippi National Wildlife Refuge.

Crowds also stop to see all the bald eagles in the area.

Naturalists will be available every weekend through November at the Brownsville and Shady Maple overlooks.