Tunes 4 Needs: Band travels area collecting food donations through song

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)–  With some area food pantries running low on food, one local group is stepping up to help through song.

The band 1AChord, along with support from Hope Community Church, is driving around collecting food items. They saw that there was a need for food with places being shut down and some volunteers not being able to come in.

An event was created on Facebook so people could book a time and send their addresses. The band would bring their instruments to play a song for anyone who donated.

So far, they’ve been to neighborhoods in West Salem, Bangor, Rockland, Sparta, Holmen and La Crosse.

“It’s great. Honestly, we’ve probably filled up half of our time slots and just like this, we pull up and people just start coming out and start giving. So the community here has just been very generous,” said Nate Loeffelholz, a member of 1AChord.

The group has collected more than $2,500 and multiple pickup trucks worth of food through the community’s support.

Loeffelholz said this likely won’t be the last time they do this. To see when the next time might be, visit the band’s Facebook page for updates.