‘Two-a-days’: The 2015 Necedah Cardinals

Having a player with a skill-set like quarterback Matt Brown, Necedah head coach Jim Beaver implemented a spread offense with a lot of no huddle.

“Matt was just one of those athletes who would take the ball and go.”

But last year’s leader in passing yards in the Scenic Bluffs has graduated and Necedah must now move on without the duel threat that Brown was.

“Yeah he was definitely a great athlete,” said senior wide receiver Michael Jensen. “We’re going to try to spread the field more. Use more players, get it to different guys and keep everybody’s legs fresh. That’s how we are going to replace that.”

Beaver in his second year as Necedah head coach will now turn to a more discipline style of football on offense.

“We have a lot of seniors that have come back. Our line is going to average around 250-pounds so we have a lot of size. They play well together and I think they are going to really compliment each other well. We probably won’t have the big gradnstand kind of big play, but we’ll be steady and drive the ball hard.”