Two arrested in La Crosse meth bust Monday night

Six different agencies coordinated the arrest

A drug investigation that started in Prairie du Chien several months ago… ended in La Crosse Monday night with the arrest of two suspected drug dealers.
The investigation involved six different agencies in Western Wisconsin… including the
West Central Meg Unit.

Prairie du Chien police gave La Crosse police a heads up that a known drug dealer was headed to La Crosse to buy a substantial amount of methamphetamine from a supplier.

The alleged supplier was identified by police as 30-year-old Sandy Xiong of La Crosse, who police say they know from previous drug investigations.
Police say Xiong went to the southside

to meet where she is alleged to have sold drugs to 38-year-old Zachary Pupp.

Police say when they arrested Xiong she had more than 116 grams of meth on her.
And once police got a search warrant for her residence…. they recovered another 212 grams of meth… making it more than a pound of the drug they recovered… worth an estimated 75-hundred to 9-thousand-dollars.

Both Xiong and Pupp are charged with mulitple drug related crimes.
This is an ongoing investigation and could result in more arrests.