Two new roundabouts set to come to Onalaska

City officials in Onalaska are looking forward to two new roundabouts.

They’ll replace intersections at Riders Club Road and Mason Street, both on Highway 35. They’ll be built as single-lane roundabouts.

Speed limits around both of the intersections will also be altered once the roundabouts have been completed.

Onalaska’s city engineer says both roundabouts will help make a more efficient drive for the community. “About ten years ago, we put in Mason Street, and a lot of traffic is diverted from Riders Club to Mason Street, so they’re about equal. We actually wanted to make sure both intersections had good access to the state highway for our residents,” said Jarrod Holter.

The roundabouts are part of a larger highway project that will include repaving and upgrades to two-lane traffic. 

The D.O.T. will begin construction in 2015.