UNC Charlotte shooting victim is finally back home

Nearly a month after a gunman opened fire on the University of North Carolina at Charlotte campus, one survivor is back home after multiple surgeries and a long recovery.

Drew Pescaro, from Apex, North Carolina, was one of the six students shot on April 30, the student newspaper — for which he writes — reported. Students Reed Parlier and Riley Howell were killed, and three others were hurt.

Pescaro has had at least three surgeries. It wasn’t until two weeks after the shooting that he was able to walk on his own again.

Now, he’s finally back home.

The college student posted a video of himself on Twitter, sitting comfortably on a couch with Eminem’s “Without Me” playing in the background, in which the artist repeats the phrase “Guess who’s back?”

He captioned it: “Guess who’s back! Enjoy this goofy video but in all seriousness I appreciate all of the support that you all have provided me with. Long road to recovery still ahead but I will power through it with your continued support.”

Pescaro has kept the online community up to date with his recovery for the past few weeks, posting updates sometimes with the help of his girlfriend and other times on his own.

Last week, he said in an update: “I have been at Duke Hospital for 4 days and am in my best condition yet. Everything is returning to normal but will be getting some blood today. The fight continues.”

After returning home, Pescaro’s second post was a video with his dog, Lilly, who he hadn’t seen in 27 days.

Here’s how two other students are doing

Last week, UNCC Chancellor Philip Dubois posted updates with two students injured during the shooting.

Dubois updated the public on Rami Al-Ramadhan, who is “continuing his recovery.”

The student “asked us to let you know he recently had a follow-up surgery to remove a bullet from his abdomen, but he is healing and doing great,” Dubois said.

He also visited Sean DeHart and his parents at their Apex home.

DeHart said during the shooting, he fled and was helped by a young woman who “placed a tourniquet on him to help stop his bleeding,” Dubois said, asking the public’s help in finding the mystery woman — who DeHart believes was a student.

“I enjoyed my time with (DeHart and his family) and was happy to see Sean doing so well,” Dubois wrote. “He plans to return to Charlotte soon for his summer job, and we look forward to welcoming him back to campus in the fall for the start of his junior year.”

CNN’s Dianne Gallagher contributed to this report.