University suspends all fraternities amid hazing allegations

Ohio University has suspended all of its fraternities, effective immediately.

University officials said the decision was made following growing concerns of hazing regarding seven separate Interfraternity Council chapters.

In a statement, the University said, in part, “Ohio University will not put at risk the health and safety of our students.”

Earlier this week, school officials said they received allegations that two IFC chapters were hazing new members. Those chapters were given a cease and desist order by the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility.

On Wednesday, officials said they received reports of hazing at five additional chapters.

Amid those allegations, school officials said they have suspended all chapter events, meetings and activities until further notice. The university is urging anyone who has been subjected to or witnessed hazing to report it.

The decision comes 11 months after Collin Wiant, 18, was found dead in the annex of the university’s Sigma Pi house. The fraternity was expelled from the university.

Steps being taken to improve Greek life on campus include creating forums to discuss fraternity culture, and forming a plan of action that aligns with the university’s student code of conduct.