Unlikely Fans: Arcadia welcomes Elk Mound students into student section

ARCADIA, Wis (WKBT)–As Arcadia punched their ticket to state, they didn’t get there alone.

“Oh my gosh yes. We love our student section,” said Arcadia basketball Captain Ellie Hoesley.

“They’re amazing and they’re probably one of the reasons we’re still in this,” added Co-Captain Linzy Sendelbach.

But out of all the faces in the crowd, one of them was cheering against Arcadia a few weeks ago.

“At that point the score got pretty, well Arcadia were kicking our butts,” said Elk Mound Senior Cade Hanson.

Hanson was apart of the Elk Mound student section when they lost to Arcadia.

“By that time we were beating them quite a bit,” recalls Arcadia fan Kaiden Boberg.

And the Arcadia fans invited him over.

“I don’t know how it happened. We both walked towards each other and it was just meant to be,” said Boberg.

“It’s looking at guys and seeing you all get along, and you have similarities and you do what you do best, having fun,” explained Hanson.

He doesn’t know much about the team.

“None. Some look familiar when we played them the first time, shook their hands at Altoona, that’s about it.”

But he doesn’t need to to be apart of the family.

“We’re a happy, upbeat community and we just appreciate everybody no matter where they’re from,” said Sendelbach.

So When the raiders stormed their way to state, they made lifelong memories, and a few new fans in the process.