Up and Coming Music Sensation Stephen Jerzak


While the rest of Stephen Jerzak’s class gears up for their senior year at Logan High School, Stephen is preparing
for the second leg of a nationwide concert tour where he happens to be the headliner. The self described “pop
acoustic” artist got his start in music a few years back .

“My friend took guitar lessons and I was like ‘that’s pretty cool.'”

“We knew he had something special,” says his mom and dad, Gina and Brian Jerzak.

And the rest of the world, at least the cyber world would soon find out. At 14, Stephen opened a ‘My Space’ page a
began posting some of his music to the site. But one song in particular really struck a chord with listeners. “It’s
called ‘Cute.’ It’s just a whole bunch of pick-up lines together.”

“Well it was exciting because all of a sudden he had 1000 plays. Then 10,000 plays and then when it got to the point
where he had a million plays and we were like…’wow, a million people listen to your music.’

That’s when talent scouts started noticing. “He’d come in and said ‘hey, dad, I got this guy that wants to talk to
you. So I talked to people in CA, NY, Minneapolis. It’s hard to sort out who’s legit and who’s not.”

When one manager showed up at their door step from New York, they knew he was for real. “We felt good about him
and decided to do a trial management period. And here we are today.”

Gina and Brian agreed to let Stephen be a part of a nationwide tour where hundreds of adouring fans not only show up
every night, but know every word of Stephen music.

“We walk in and these kids are after our son. These girls came up and said thank you for Stephen.’ And we’re like
‘sure, No problem!”

“That was the coolest thing ever to see my brother and all of these screaming girls,” says sister Lizzy.

“We’re happy for Stephen. He knows what he wants and that’s what keeps us going. Well he’s living his dream. As
parents, you can’t stop that…you just can’t.”

“I really want to make a career out of it. No matter what I do, it could be performing or recording or producing.
Anything involved in music. I don’t really have another back-up plan or anything. I had no idea that it would happen.
I had no idea that it would go this far. I never thought for a second that it would. It only happens to a few people
so it’s really cool to have that happen to me.”

Stephen has been the number one acoustic act on MySpace for three consecutive months and has independently sold over
20,000 songs on iTunes since May. He already had one record deal on the table that he turned down.

And by the way, Stephen needs just three credits to graduate, so his parents are letting him do online schooling
while he continues touring this fall.

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