UPDATE: Problem between 911 dispatch and Sprint callers has been resolved

Sprint subscribers can call 911 for all emergencies

Update: The technical problem between La Crosse County 911 dispatchers and Sprint cellular subscribers has been fixed.

Earlier Sunday, emergency services asked those who use the Sprint network to call an alternative number for all emergencies because the dispatchers could not hear the callers on the line.

Sprint said the problem has been fixed.

Sprint subscribers are asked to disregard the other number and call 911 for all emergencies again in La Crosse County.

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La Crosse Public Safety Communications is asking all Sprint Cellular subscribers to use a different phone number if they need emergency service in La Crosse County.

Emergency Services say when someone calls 911 in La Crosse County with a phone on the Sprint network, the caller and 911 dispatcher can’t hear each other.

Until the problem is solved, La Crosse County Emergency Services is asking Sprint subscribers to call 608-785-5962 (instead of 911) to contact La Crosse County for all emergencies, including law enforcement, medical and fire department responses.

Sprint is working to resolve the issue.

News 8 will keep you updated.