Use of self-administered assault kits discouraged by La Crosse Police

La Crosse Police are discouraging the use of self-administered sexual assault kits.

As we reported earlier this week, the kits allow sexual assault survivors to avoid going to law enforcement or a hospital and instead collect evidence with the kits at home.

The department released its official stance on the kits Friday, encouraging sexual assault survivors to avoid them since they do not include tests for Sexually transmitted infections, HIV or Pregnancy, preventative medicines or professional medical or advocacy support that are offered free of charge by our local hospitals.

And they say that self-administered sexual assault kits provide very little, if any, evidentiary value and may more frequently harm a survivor’s pursuit of justice than help it.

Wisconsin’s Attorney General Josh Kaul said in an interview with News 8 that removing the oversight of medical professionals raises concerns.

“These at-home kits concern me because they don’t have those same protections in place and I worry that it could lead to a case that is potentially prosecutable, not being prosecuted,” said Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul.

The La Crosse PD is encouraging all victims of crime to report assaults to police or area hospitals.

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