UW Alumni Association working to make memories for Badgers’ fans

There’s quite a bit of activities planned for Badgers’ fans traveling to Texas to cheer on their team in the Final Four.

A handful of people with the UW Alumni Association are working 24-7 in Dallas, to help their fellow Badgers make some memories.

Behind the scenes, you’ll find a troupe of red sticking out like a sore thumb with their Badger gear and Wisconsin accents. “It’s been crazy hectic and euphoric at the same time,” said Jeff Wendorf with the UW Alumni Association.  

Several members of the alumni association are spending their Texas vacation in the lobby of their hotel planning a good time for all the other fans getting ready to arrive. “We’re providing transportation, rooms, special events and swag for all the fans coming,” said Wendorf.

The association is responsible for 500 Badger fans headed to cheer on their home team in the Final Four. “We’re making sure the beers are cold, the pillows are soft, that we have adequate space, enough food and beverage,  buses will drop you off at appointed place.”

It’s their job to make Wisconsinites settle into their home away from home for the next few days. Wendorf said, “it really is important to make sure because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, to make sure all the fans’ experiences are exceptional and this is something that creates wonderful memories for them.”

Work and no play for this band of Badgers – they’ll spend their time at the Final Four, creating an exceptional experience for hundreds of others, prominent in Wisconsin red.