UW-Eau Claire announces two ‘wellness days’ for students

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WKBT) — The University of Wisconsin — Eau Claire announced Thursday that it will give students two “Wellness Days” to help them manage stress as they near the end of the semester.

In a letter to students, it said undergraduate classes will be canceled Friday, April 16, and Thursday, April 29, to give students a break.

Students in practica, clinicals or student teaching will still need to fulfill their commitments on those days. Lab classes and classes that meet only once per week will be held. All university services will remain open and available to students.

“As with many things related to the pandemic, we have had to adapt and change as the year has progressed. While we had planned to work through the semester, we’ve heard your concerns and we have consulted with the University Senate Executive Committee,” said university leaders in the letter.

The university is also giving students more leeway when it comes to enrollment. They will now have until May 7 to withdraw from a course.

“Not only will students have two days away from the classroom, but we are also working closely with departments across the university to develop a series of outdoor events and featured activities to be held on the Eau Claire campus through the remainder of the semester,” said the university.

“We know that these changes won’t eliminate semester stress, but we hope they will help make a difference. If you need more assistance, please reach out to our Silvercloud wellness resources, which offer online mental health programs for anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia and resilience,” it added.