UW Health sees chronic pain as long lasting symptom of COVID-19

MADISON, Wis. (WKBT)- UW Health researchers say that there is a new symptom associated with long-lasting cases of COVID-19.

Headaches and chest pain have been associated with COVID-19 since early in the pandemic.

Long-lasting chronic pain indicated the virus may impact the human body in ways we are just starting to understand.

UW Health says this symptom is more common in patients who were hospitalized with COVID-19.

Experts say that it is a combination of things that can lead to long-lasting pain.

“So there are pain conditions related to the infection itself, and there are pain conditions related to what happens in the course of getting treatment. Like going to the ICU, having chest tubes, and other lines in the ICU that can cause also pain after,” said UW Health Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, DR. Alaa Abd-Elsayed.

UW Health started researching COVID-19 and chronic pain after the UW Health Pain Management Clinic saw many people recovering from COVID-19 looking for help.