UW-L professor writes book on history of motherhood

Jodi Vandenberg-Daves wrote 'Modern Motherhood: An American History''

A UW-La Crosse professor of history and women’s studies has written the first book on the comprehensive history of motherhood in the United States.

Jodi Vandenberg-Daves’ book, “Modern Motherhood: An American History” will be released on May 19. It explores the multiple and complex societal roles mothers have endured throughout history.

“Being a mother and talking to other women—most find this a compelling topic,” Vandenberg-Davis said. “They’ve absorbed a lot of conflicting messages about motherhood and want a deeper understanding.”

Vandenberg-Daves became a mother in 1992. Since 1999 she has taught a course on the history of motherhood at UW-L.

“I want to put mothers at the center of history and tell their untold stories,” Vandenberg-Daves said.

She wrote it for University Press, but kept students and other non-specialists in mind when writing the book.