UW-L students raise ‘Awareness through Performance’

A diversity driven lesson packed an auditorium at UW-La Crosse Monday.

More than one thousand students and community members turned out to see “Awareness Through Performance.”

Each semester, about 20 students write original scripts dealing with a wide range of diversity and social justice issues. It covers topics like gender identity, racism, and sexual assault.

They say it’s made a big difference on the campus climate. “It’s best to educate freshman when they come in the first time so that way throughout their years in college they’ll continue this education and continue to erase the ignorance,” said Cheyenne Todd.


“We want to spark a campus wide conversation, just get people thinking and talking about issues that are important and how they can participate in making our campus climate more positive for everyone,” said Campus Climate Director Amanda Goodenough.

“Awareness through Performance” will go on again October 14th.