UW-L students take action against high student loan debt

UW-La Crosse students are taking action against the nation’s rising student loan debt.

They joined Wisconsin State Representative Jill Billings of La Crosse Thursday at UW-L’s campus to talk about how student debt is impacting not only the economy, but the future of students. 

It’s all part of the nationwide launch of a bill called “”Higher Ed, Lower Debt.” The legislation helps students find ways to pay back their loans.

One student says the debt crisis isn’t just about one person struggling, it’s about a future generation. “I graduate in May, and as soon as November hits I get to start paying back student loans. And that’s a huge inhibitor as I start thinking about jobs, and maybe taking a job that pays less but serves my community. I can’t do that because I have all these loans, and that’s a boat a lot of my fellow students are in,” said UW-L student Karin Johnson.

More than 60 groups nationwide took part in the “Higher Ed, Lower Debt” launch.