UW-L students vote on possible changes to campus

After a technical glitch delayed their vote Tuesday night, UW- La Crosse students finished voting Wednesday night on possible changes to their campus. 

One referendum on the ballot asked students to fund a 30,000 square foot expansion to the Recreational Eagle Center.

Students would pay an extra $14 a semester to add areas like a second floor multi-purpose room and an expanded training center. “One of the things that students have told us is that we need more space in the center, this center was built in the mid 1990’s, our enrollment has grown since then, so we have some crowding issues and we feel like this addition will help alleviate some of those crowding issues,” said UW-L Student Association President Nick Bezier.

Another referendum asked students to support a Responsible Action Policy.

It’s based on a policy at UW-Eau Claire that makes it easier for a student to call for help when someone’s had too much to drink. “We heard a situation where students, because they feared getting a ticket, that they wouldn’t necessarily call when they or a friend that might be in need, could probably use life saving medical attention, so we wanted to make sure they reach out and get the help that they need,” said Devin Remiker with the Student Association.

Repeat callers are likely to see some sort of legal ramifications. Regardless of student support, the policy is expected to start in the fall.

Final results are expected later this week.