UW-La Crosse athletes help clean Hixon trails

Effort part of Outdoor Recreation Alliance

UW-La Crosse’s Cross Country teams were hitting the trails Wednesday, but it didn’t involve running.

The team was out clearing and grooming the Hixon trails as part of a volunteer effort of the Outdoor Recreation Alliance. They are also helping prepare trails for cross country ski season.

Members from the team did everything from raking to clearing branches. Their coach says it’s a great way for the team give back to the community and the trails.

“We use the Hixon trails almost every day in our practices, whether it’s easy running or work out running so we owe it to the community and these trails to help take care of them to make sure when we run on them they’re safe and when obviously other people run on them and they’re obviously safe as well,” said UW-La Crosse Cross Country Head Coach Derek Stanley.

The group that took part in Wednesday’s cleanup was made up of 50 members from the team.