UW-La Crosse CarShare hopes to help students with errands

Program offers vehicles for students to rent through Enterprise CarShare

A new system helping University students with transportation has made its way to our area.

Starting this semester UW-La Crosse students can rent vehicles through Enterprise CarShare.

It’s a system that’s as easy as setting up an account, reserving a time, and using a membership card to activate the rental car.

Two cars are available for students on campus. Hourly, daily, and overnight fees apply. Costs cover up to 200 miles and after that it’s an additional 35 cents per mile. Fuel, along with liability insurance and basic damage, are included in the initial cost.
Hopes are to make daily tasks more convenient for students.

“It’s giving people an alternative if they just want to run into downtown and get some errands done or if they just want to run out to the store real quick or something like that just for an hour or two at a time,” said Victor Hill of UW-La Crosse’s Parking and Transportation Services

CarShare is offering students a deal that runs until the end of October cutting hourly charges to $5.