UW-La Crosse hosts nearly 50 companies for part-time job fair

Companies include those in service industry, health and wellness, financial

The cost of college continues to rise.

To make ends meet many students take on a part time job.

UW-La Crosse was helping to make that happen Wednesday. The university hosted nearly 50 companies in the area looking for part time help. Many of them are in the service industry, but there were also some in health and wellness, financial, and temp agencies.

“For a lot of our students, they look at part time jobs as a way to get experience related to their career interests,” said UW-La Crosse Career Services Interim Director Tim Tritch.

“Right now my major is biology and I plan to work in pediatrics someday, so I’d like to do like a daycare kind of job, something where I can work with kids,” said Freshman Kelsey Tenpas.

More than 700 students visited to fair today.