UW-La-Crosse offers ‘CarShare’ program

On-campus cars for students

A partnership between UW-La Crosse and Enterprise car rental is offering a new service called “CarShare,” which gives students the convenience of having a car on campus without the extra hassle of actually bringing one to school.

There will be two cars parked on campus for anyone to use. Members can reserve the cars online with a membership card and then return the car when they are done using it.

“As long as you’re over the age of 18 with a good driving record, you can rent this vehicle and it’s just not limited to UW-La Crosse students. Others can use this vehicle for personal use, so if you live anywhere in the community, you can use this CarShare program” said Daniel Sweetmen, program manger at UW-LaCrosse

There will be $10 memberships available from now until August first, new members can sign up at a discounted price of $10. After August 1memberships will go back up to $35.

For more information on the Enterprise CarShare program, click here. If interested in a new membership application form, use the promotional code: CAMPUS2014.