UW-La Crosse police officer dresses up in pink tutu for breast cancer awareness

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A UW-La Crosse police officer is putting on a pink tutu outfit, but not for a Ballet class.

David Pehl was at UWL’s Hoeschler Clock Tower Thursday morning raising money and awareness to fight breast cancer.

Pic Cop In A Pink Tutu

UW-La Crosse police officer David Pehl hands out food to a UWL student, as he tries to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

It’s a fundraiser called “Cop for a Cure,” where college students learn more about breast cancer and get free food.

“Well they get to of course get the donuts,” Pehl said. “You know cops and donuts, that’s a great thing. But also they get information. That’s the key is to get as much information out there in the hands of a population that may not think that breast cancer is prevalent. But it is in their age group.”

Pehl says his late mother was a 30-year survivor of breast cancer because she detected the disease early.

He says in his five years of doing the fundraiser, he has raised $2,000.