UWL Football to feature competition for several roles

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)-With a year in between seasons, there are a lot of roles to fill on the Eagles’ roster.

One of the more highly-looked at positional battles will be at quarterback.

Out of the QB’s on the 2020 roster only two had who completed throws back in 2019, meaning there’s a lot of returning talent that has coach Matt Janus excited.

“We feel really good about that room and we’re excited to watch that group compete. And then there’s other battles like who’s going to be the third string running back? And I know people want to say ‘who’s the starting (quarterback)?’ but the third string running back in our program is very important, because that guy’s going to get special teams that guy’s gonna get carries,” explained Janus.

“So for me as a coach I’m so excited to watch this camp just to watch all the mini stories that occur out of camp.”