UWL Police answer student questions over coffee

Campus police host 'Get the Drop from Campus Cops'

Police officers on the campus of UW-La Crosse are hoping a cup of coffee can help bridge the gap with students.

The UWL Police Department hosted an event called “Get the Drop from Campus Cops” today on campus. Offering free coffee and doughnuts, they took a couple hours to answer any questions about campus policing.

Members of the department say the event helps students and staff get to know the people behind the badge and establish personal relationships so they’re more comfortable coming forward with any problems.

“We work hard to get into the different departments around campus, just so they have a familiar face in case we ever had an incident happen on campus,” said Det. Chris Schuster.

This was the first year the UWL Police Department held a Q&A event like this. They say they hope to do it again in the future.