Vernon County sheriff warns of weather-related scams

Viroqua residents report damage inquiries

People are stopping by houses in Viroqua and asking to inspect their roofs or houses for recent storm damage, according to Vernon County Sheriff John Spears.

Sheriff Spears wants to remind residents to ask the people who come to their door for their solicitors permit to avoid any possible scams. He said warning signs are asking for money upfront and pushy sales pitches.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” Sheriff Spears said. “And always report it, no matter where you live. If something doesn’t add up and you didn’t solicit service and you won a prize and you don’t remember ever signing up for a prize, contact your local law enforcement.”

Sheriff Spears said you should never give out any personal information until you’re sure it’s a reputable company. If the people who approach your house do not have a solicitors permit, call the Vernon County Sheriff Office at (608) 637-2123.