Veterans benefit expo held at Logistics Health Incorporated

LHI offered access to resources including benefits, education, employment

The Wisconsin Department of Veteran’s Affairs organized an expo for veterans at LHI Thursday.

All day resources from federal, state, and local levels were available. They had just about everything a vet could need including benefits, education, and even some employment opportunities.

“It’s what the veteran doesn’t know is available is what’s missing. With legislation and laws changing, a veteran may not have been eligible for a benefit in the past, and now today he could be eligible,” said Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs Outreach Representative Kent Falstad.

That was exactly the case for veteran Adam Kirschner. He moved here a year and a half ago from Germany to go to UW-La Crosse, but he was told he would have to pay out-of-state tuition.

“I thought that every veteran that, you know, wanted to go to school at any state university you got accepted to, you were automatically a resident students, so I bought a house here and I became a resident and I had to go through an application process to get in state tuition,” said Kirschner.

Kirschner said that everything has changed and every vet using a tuition program like the GI Bill is considered an in-state resident.