Vets warn to keep Thanksgiving meals away from pets

Veterinarians are reminding pet owners to keep their Thanksgiving feasts on their tables and not under them where pets can get them.

Dr. Thomas Maley from the Animal Clinic of Milford said the holidays are a busy time for him and his staff.

He said if someone has a house full of guests, they should let the guests know not to feed the pets. That includes turkey, turkey skin and gravy.

Maley said fatty foods like those are hard for pets to digest.

Stuffing with ingredients like raisin, onions, chives and garlic can be toxic as well.

When it comes to bones, Maley said wrap them up and throw the carcass out so dogs can’t get at it.

“For us, Friday after Thanksgiving is not Black Friday but Brown Friday and that’s because many of our pets get into things that we wished they shouldn’t,” he said. “The garbage, guests giving them things they shouldn’t have, foods, typically garbage that stays around too long, becomes moldy, can be toxic to our pets and all these things can lead to significant GI disease that will require a doctor’s visit.”

Maley recommended getting treats specifically meant for pets.

If a pet eats something they shouldn’t, immediately call a vet or clinic.