Vince Biegel back in Wisconsin, talks training for NFL season during pandemic

Former Badger, Packer excited to build on career year with Dolphins

Normally at this time, NFL players would be in the middle of OTAs, giving us another clear example of how different the sports world is right now. But for former Badger linebacker Vince Biegel, the pandemic has led him somewhere familiar: his parent’s cranberry marsh in Wisconsin Rapids.

Biegel and his young family flew back to Wisconsin about six weeks ago, and the current Miami Dolphin spends his days training however he can to stay in football shape.

“My job is football, and I do work out in the mornings, and I do have virtual meetings all afternoons, but after that, if my dad needs help, I will help my dad on the marsh,” Biegel said. “I’ve already caught myself out here a few times already, working on the marsh.”

Biegel’s come a long way since he was a kid working on the marsh. After bouncing around from the Packers to the Saints, the stars aligned with the Dolphins last year. Biegel got a full season under his belt and recorded 59 tackles with 2.5 sacks, and he hopes it’s just the beginning.

“Last year was a big year for me. I was able to start my first full season with the Dolphins. I had an awesome opportunity with them, and now for me, it’s I know I can do this. Now it’s continuing to put down what I laid down last year.”