Vintage World War Two bomber lands in La Crosse

It’s probably not what you’d expect to see when you hear a World War Two veteran is in town.

The B25-J “Maid in the Shade” landed in La Crosse Monday morning.

The historic craft was made famous by a bombing mission in Tokyo, just four months after pearl harbor.

It’s one of 30 planes of its kind world-wide and fewer than 10 of them are actually able to fly.


The plane’s pilot says showcasing the plane is more than just displaying a piece of history. “Very humbling to be able to fly this airplane and know that veterans did this same thing and sacrificed their lives in this type of equipment,” said pilot Spike McLane.

The plane is at the airport all week. For a donation, you can go inside and explore the plane, and for a higher cost you can take a ride over the city.