Viterbo student directs “Letters to Newtown”

Many people are finding their own way to show support for the families of the victims in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Jesse Mossholder, an education major at Viterbo University, has set-up a Facebook page titled “Letters to Newtown.”

Click here to visit the page.

The whole idea is to give people the right address to send letters of support to Newtown, Connecticut.

Mossholder sent a hand-written letter and is encouraging friends and family to do the same. As an aspiring elementary school teacher, Mossholder says this tragedy just really hit close to home.

“I don’t think there’s any question this was devastating for a lot of people,” said Mossholder.

“I work at Franklin Elementary School and I’ve been there for four and a half years. I work with a lot of kids in the same age group. Just knowing that happened in our country is just shocking to me,” he added.

“It affected me quite a bit and it hasn’t gotten off my mind so I thought I would do something about it.”