Viterbo students spend the night ‘homeless’

They’re braving the elements Thursday night to better understand a growing problem in our community.

As part of a class, a number of Viterbo students traded their beds for cardboard boxes. It’s an effort to raise students’ awareness of how they can serve the common good.

They’re simulating what life could be like if they were homeless. Granted, they have plenty of fuel for a fire, pillows and blankets, and a bed to go home to eventually.


But the students were ready to learn from the experience. “It’s an opportunity to learn about an issue that takes place outside of the classroom, outside of a lecture. What we’d really like to do is remind people that this is our backyard, this is our community and this certainly happens here,” said Viterbo senior Marshall Engstrong.

The students are also raising money to buy hygiene kits for the local warming shelters.