‘Voice Your Choice’ tour comes to La Crosse

Riverfront stop prompted by possible changes to Family Care Waiver

A state wide tour to secure employment and housing for those with disabilities came to La Crosse.

The effort is part of the “Voice your Choice” tour which includes ten different stops around Wisconsin.

The group was at Riverfront Wednesday speaking out about proposed changes to the Family Care Waiver.

The Department of Health Services is considering cutting integrated employment programs along with work training services at places like Riverfront. Because of this advocates want to make sure those with disabilities and their families are aware of what the potential changes mean for their future.

“The uncertainty of this whole situation is very concerning. We’re not sure what’s going to happen. We’ve seen what’s happened in other states. We know for a fact other states have eliminated these programs or are in the process of eliminating them. We don’t want the same thing to happen in Wisconsin as what’s happening in other states,” said Voice Your Choice Advocate Rick Wilson.

The state is giving the public until September 2nd to give feedback and voice their opinion to the department of health services.