Volunteer finds $100 while picking up trash on highway

Volunteers spent Saturday cleaning up highway 35

For the third year in a row, volunteers spent their morning cleaning up trash on La Crosse’s North Side.

The event is organized by the North La Crosse Business Association.

Volunteers lined up at 8 a.m. Saturday morning to clean up a stretch of highway along 35, from Kentucky Fried Chicken to Exit 3.

One organizer said it gives residents a chance to keep their home a beautiful place to live.

“Obviously this is the first thing people see when they get off the highway at exit three and having this corridor nice and clean for people as they come and go from the city everyday makes a huge difference in just people’s perception of the Northside,” said Nick Roush, president of the North La Crosse Business Association.

Twenty-eight cadets from the Challenge Academy also helped clean up the highway.

Plus, one of the volunteers found a one-hundred dollar bill while picking up trash.