Volunteers needed for Mobile Meals

Future uncertain for meal delivery program

Mobile Meals has been giving back to the La Crosse community for more than 40 years, delivering lunch and dinner to elderly and disabled residents – but now it’s asking for help to keep the giving going.

The organization provides lunch and dinner seven days a week, 365 days a year. It’s in the process of scheduling next year’s routes, where volunteers drive to deliver meals across town – but currently there are more days without schedule volunteers than with, according to director Melissa Greco. That means for about a third of the year, no drivers are assigned to deliver meals.

“That would be a lot of people, probably 40 to 50 people a day that would not be receiving meals,” Greco said.

According to Greco, the organization needs more than 300 more volunteers to keep the giving going next year. It’s a relatively small time commitment – over the period of an hour and a half, about a dozen meals are delived each day.


Brad and Anastasia Gentry have been volunteering as drivers for nearly a decade. Monday, their route took about an hour to complete – but for the residents receiving the meals, it made their entire day.

“It doesn’t take that much time to do something like this, so why not do it?” Anastasia said. “Everyone’s appreciative, they love it. There’s a need.”

Those on the receiving side are some of La Crosse’s residents that need help the most, according to Greco.

“They’re unable to prepare meals for themselves or barely sometimes even get out of bed, so our services definitely help them nutritionally, and they also get to see a friendly face,” she said.

Volunteering for the organization can count toward community service hours for high school students and others, according to Greco. If you would like to get involved, visit the organization’s website at mobile-meals-of-la-crosse-dot-org, or give them a call at 608-784-4623.