Volunteers needed for Neighbors Day in La Crosse

200 people ask for spring cleaning assistance

The La Crosse Jaycees are looking for volunteers for Neighbors Day on Saturday, April 18.

It’s a chance for elderly and handicapped people to get help with yardwork, gardening, and other outdoor projects.

About 200 people have signed up for help this year. The Jaycees said they would need 400 volunteers to meet that demand, but so far only 90 people have signed up to help.

Organizers said the event goes a long way in helping seniors and those with disabilities stay independent.

“We have people that have requested services and have no other way of getting help,” said Heather Suby of the La Crosse Jaycees. “This is a way to help them stay in their homes longer. All the people we’ll be helping are elderly or disabled and really need the help and are counting on our services for this year.”

If you’re interested in volunteering for Neighbors Day you can contact the La Crosse Jaycees by calling (608) 791-1133, emailing neighborsday@yahoo.com, or contacting the organization on Facebook.