Vote on La Crosse Center design’s future Thursday

The future of renovations plans of the La Crosse Center are nearing a vote.

La Crosse’s Common Council is set to vote tomorrow, as council members consider an override of Mayor Kabat’s veto of the $49.2 million plan.

Kabat says he is concerned with the amount of encroachment the project has on Riverside Park.

La Crosse’s Chamber of Commerce is hoping the council members vote to override.

Nine of the 13 members of the Common Council must vote in favor of the override for it to be successful.

Even with all of the work that has gone into the project so far, there is still more that has been done in recent days.

“Part of my task between the veto and now is to just go back and use a checklist and make sure all of the questions that not only have answers but they can be put together and easily accessed by everybody,” said council member Jessica Olson.

The Council meeting is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. Thursday.

News 8 is planning to stream the portion of Common Council’s meeting on the La Crosse Center.