‘Vote Yes for La Crosse’ gets word out on La Crosse school referendum

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — Of course, candidates aren’t the only things to decide on the ballot this election season.

The discussion of the La Crosse school referendum continues on both sides.

This morning, the ‘Vote Yes for La Crosse schools’ group held a press conference to get a final word out before November 8.

They discussed many reasons why they will vote yes to consolidating the high schools in La Crosse, from minimal property tax increases to more electives and clubs for students.

Group members say that although the two high schools in La Crosse has worked for students for many years, now is the time for a change.

“I understand that there is a rich history, but we are one city and I really believe that together we will be stronger,” said Kathryn Skemp Moran. “We will build a better future for our children and I’m excited about our kids being together.”

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