Voters head to the polls for 7th district Congressional election in Wisconsin

Candidates are seeking to replace Sean Duffy

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Residents of Wisconsin’s 7th District are voting Tuesday to fill former Republican congressman Sean Duffy’s open seat.

The seat has been open since September following Duffy’s departure.

The two candidates running are Repbulican Tom Tiffany and Democrat Tricia Zunker.

UWL Assistant Professor of Politcal Science, Anthony Chergosky, anticipates Republicans will win. However, he says this special election isn’t necessarily a good predictor for the upcoming Presidential race.

“Tom Tiffany winning this election really doesn’t tell us much at all. I think the margin of victory could be insightful. You know, does he win by a small margin of victory or does he win into the double digits,” saide UWL political science professor Anthony Chergosky.

Chergosky says if Tiffany doesn’t win by 10 to 12 points, that could point to an advantage for either party come November.