Voting rights advocates host gerrymandering forum

The conversation over Wisconsin’s voting district maps continues as the U.S Supreme Court mulls their future.

The League of Women Voters hosted a forum called “Fair Votes, Fair Maps” at UW-La Crosse Wednesday night.

Guest speakers included former Republican State Senator Dale Schultz and Emily Bunting, one of the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court case.

She says the idea of gerrymandering is something that should concern all voters, regardless of their party.

“We have this principle of ‘One Person, One Vote’ in this country, and if we don’t take it on, it’s going to get worse and our vote is going to mean nothing,” said Bunting.

Bunting and the other plaintiffs in the case claim the Republican-controlled legislature re-drew district maps in 2010 to ensure they’d keep control of the Capitol for years to come.

Republicans say it can’t be proven that the re-districting was politically motivated.

The lawsuit was filed after Republicans won a supermajority in the legislature in 2012, despite losing the popular vote in the state.

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case earlier this month and could make a ruling in the coming months.