Voting underway in ‘Best of La Crosse Co.’ campaign

Voting is open until Aug. 8th

More than 1,500 voters are expected to determine the best of La Crosse County.

The La Crosse Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau launched the campaign last month.

Thousands of nominations came in for the more than 100 categories. They include the best server, most kid friendly restaurant, and the best rural bar.

Voting opened Thursday and some of the categories are expected to get pretty contentious.

“It’s really interesting to see that soup is a big category. You know, it’s the summer, it’s hot, but people were really passionate about which place had the best soup, so we’ll see how that goes,” said Brent Hanifl from the La Crosse Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Voting is open until August 8th. Go to to cast your ballot.