WAFER food pantry bracing for cuts as gov’t shutdown continues

Local food pantries are bracing for the effects of the shutdown.

The executive director of WAFER in La Crosse says they are in danger of losing the Federal Emergency Food Assistance program.

Under the program, WAFER receives shipments of food once a month that it uses to fill food packages for families in need. It received its October shipment, but leaders are still worried what will happen if the shutdown lasts several weeks.

They are committed to helping families in need, but it’s going to cost them. “We are committed to providing a complete food package to every family that comes in the door, so if that means purchasing those items, that’s what we’ll have to do, and how that affects us is our bottom line, it’s going to costs us 50% more than we’re spending already,” said WAFER’s Executive Director Erin Waldhart.

To make matters worse, the shipment WAFER received this week is significantly less than it usually receives.