WAFER Food Pantry floods in storm

Volunteers spent Sunday helping clean up, dry out

WAFER Food Pantry was busy cleaning up and drying out Sunday.

The organization says almost their entire building was flooded in last night’s storms. An employee who was checking to see if they lost power found the mess Sunday morning.

They lost some of their food in the flooding. Volunteers spent most of the day moving as much food as the could to a dry place. “Getting back to normal is going to require even more volunteers, we’ll have to move all of that product back in, make sure that nothing was damaged in transit or that the boxes did get wet or any cases, you know really assess things at that point too,” said WAFER Executive Director Erin Waldhart.

The were without power for most of Sunday and they are checking to make sure none of their frozen food spoiled while the freezers were down.