WAFER food pantry holds extra food package giveaway as a drive-thru

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A local food pantry is giving away food drive-thru style.

WAFER food pantry held its monthly extra food package giveaway Saturday.

But because of the Safer-at-Home order, the pantry had families line up in their cars to pick up food.

Cars started gathering at Causeway Boulevard and Sumner Street.

WAFER officials say up to 350 families showed up for the giveaway.

Saturday was just the second time WAFER is having this event in a drive-thru format.

“I think because it was totally something brand new, that there was some things that we maybe hadn’t thought of and how to best address the crowd that we were going to see,” executive director Erin Waldhart said. “And so, this month, we put a few new things into place like more thorough directions on which way the traffic is gonna flow, where to get in line.”

WAFER also had the event at their pantry in West Salem.

Supplementary food items include frozen meat, frozen vegetables, rice, grapefruit and other food items.