WAFER Food Pantry to extend offer of additional food package

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — WAFER Food Pantry will extend an additional food option package through Dec. 30, it announced Tuesday.

In response to the ripple effect COVID-19 has on the local communities, WAFER began offering patrons the option to receive 2 complete food packages per month if needed in May.

“We recognize that people in our local communities can benefit from this added food option to help reduce the number of choices made between food OR other necessities (such as upcoming heating expenses, shelter, winter gear for children, healthcare, medications, and more),” the food pantry said in a statement. “In response, WAFER is extending the additional food package option through December 30th. The “10-day” policy for complete food packages will still be followed, meaning your two complete food packages must be utilized a minimum 10 days apart.”

Between partial packages (produce, dairy, and bakery) opportunities, offered weeks alternate to the complete food package, and the extra food package giveaway one Saturday per month, patrons really could receive a minimum of one food package per week.

Patrons are greeted by staff at the side door on Sumner Street. To comply with state guidelines, pre-packaged food packages will be provided during normal distribution hours. Updates will be posted on the website – https://waferlacrosse.org/covid-19/.