WAFER to provide ‘weekend’ food boxes for Bangor students

WAFER food pantry is teaming up with the Bangor School District to make sure kids have enough food to eat over the weekends.

WAFER is giving food boxes to the district to hand out to students on Friday afternoons. The boxes have one days worth of food.

One in three kids in the Bangor School System is on the free or reduced lunch program. But while they have enough to eat when they’re at school, many are going without over the weekend.


“Bangor doesn’t seem to have the same resources as say La Crosse or Onalaska and so we’re really targeting these kids cause they’re at risk of food insecurity and hunger over the weekend,” said WAFER’s Executive Director Erin Waldhart.

WAFER is hoping to raise funds to be able to sustain the program for the long term.